Sofar at Beacon Gallery

We were lucky enough to host a “secret show” at Beacon Gallery last night.

Sofar Boston brought in three amazing musical acts to the gallery for a 2-hour performance.

Like all their events, the neighborhood was advertised, but the actual location was only revealed to winners of the tickets on the day of. About 30 individuals joined us at Beacon Gallery for a sold-out performance.

Three diverse acts performed 20-minute sets each. With a break between each, and Caron Tabb’s installation art on the walls, it certainly made for an interesting and stimulating evening for the visitors!

Alexus Lee

Gorgeous, soulful voice and thoughtful lyrics

Alper Tuzcu and Lasya

Two incredibly talented musicians who wowed the crowd with their musical prowess.


Strong command of lyrics, fabulous instrumental backup on sax and keyboard… straight from Brooklyn to Beacon.

A fantastic evening lasting from 8-10, this was a perfect night out for those looking to discover some amazing new musical talent in an unconventional space.

Make your sofar account today and get ready for another show at Beacon Gallery… sometime before the end of the year!

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