An invitation to write for “Synaesthesia” – Beacon Gallery’s upcoming show

Dear Writers,

The works below (and any links to other blog posts) contain artwork that Beacon Gallery (Boston, USA) is considering for the June/July abstract show.

You are invited to look at these works and see what moves you to write. You can write about anything you want, in any style you want (poetry or prose). This is not meant to be artistic criticism but more of a creative activity in how you experience the work. If the “spirit” doesn’t move you, there’s no obligation to submit anything, or you can write about multiple pieces. As of now, there is no limit to your submissions.

The curatorial vision is to have 2 or so pieces of writing per artwork – to give viewers the sense of different interpretations of the same work of art from different writers, if possible.

While we will only publish some of the work that is submitted, we appreciate everyone’s participation in this experiment.


Deadline for submissions is June 4th

Show opens June 22nd at Beacon Gallery 524B Harrison Ave Boston MA 02118

There will most likely be an opportunity that evening (or another evening) for a live performance of selected works, please make a note if participation is something that interests you.

Format: Please submit a word document or similar (no PDFs) to

Include the artist’s name and image number in the subject line of the email

In the word document: please include the artist’s name, image number as well as a copy of the image (to avoid any confusion). Put your full name (as you would want it to appear in the show) and the title of your work (if there is one). No need to format your work in any specific way unless you have a formatted vision for your work. If that’s the case, please provide a PDF or jpg in addition to the word document.

Caveats: The paintings below may not be chosen for the show at the sole discretion of the gallery, particularly if they receive no written submissions. Written work submitted may not be selected for printing, but all submissions are greatly appreciated!  All written work remains the property of the original author and cannot be reproduced outside the gallery without express written permission.


Artists for the show (as of 4/11 most artwork has been added) 


Myra Abelson

  1. MAB-014-PAI
  2. MAB-015-PAI
  3. MAB-016-PAI
  4. MAB-017-PAI
  5. MAB-012-PAI

Betty Canick

  1. BCA-013-MIX
  2. BCA-014-MIX
  3. BCA-018-MIX
  4. BCA-016-MIXjpg
  5. BCA-011-MIX
  6. BCA-012-MIX

Anya Leveille

  1. 5 Rue Auber
  2. Painting by Anya Leveille
  3. Painting by Anya Leveille
  4. Painting by Anya Leveille
  5. Painting by Anya Leveille
  6. Painting by Anya Leveille

Adrienne Shishko

  1. IMG_2826
  2. IMG_2827
  3. IMG_2829
  4. IMG_2830
  5. IMG_2831
  6. IMG_2832
  7. IMG_2835

James Varnum

  1. Celestial Chain 18x26
  2. Earth Currents 14x20
  3. Reaching 20x14
  4. Sky Water 20x14
  5. 3_varnum_streaming
  6. Awakening 20x26
  7. Hanging by a Thread 12x9

Awards for our 2018 Juried Show

Friday March 16th was the opening for our 2018 International Juried Show and also when we gave out some awards!

There were three “Honorable Mentions” and three “Awards of Excellence” given.

Honorable Mentions:

Rivka in Autumn by Michael McLaughlin

2016, 36 x 48

Rivka in Autumn Mike McLaughlin.jpg

RBG by Jack Rosenberg

2017, 36 x 30

Rosenberg Jack_RBG_36x30_2017.jpg

Dance Class by Kate Sullivan

2016, 27 x 27

Kate Sullivan - Dance Class.jpg


Awards of Excellence

Reflect by Jean Sbarra Jones

2016, 30 x 30


Growth VIII by Richard Hricko

2017, 48 x 24 (woodcut on Kitikata)

Hricko_R_Growth VIII_48x24

David by Milo Milowsky

2017, 72 x 48

Milowsky_M_David_48 x 72.jpg

Congrats to the 6 winners, as well as all the talented artists whose work is in the show! We were truly spoiled for choice!

Beacon Gallery in Art New England

Beacon Gallery was featured in the March/April issue of Art New England in their special section “Destination: Boston.”

“Just a few doors down Harrison Avenue is the Beacon Gallery, featuring original art by Boston artists as well as artists from Europe and Asia. Owner and gallery manager Christine O’Donnell has lived in Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore, and brings an international sensibility to the contemporary gallery. The gallery hosts its first international juried art show from March 16-April 29. “We opened the show up to artists from Boston and beyond,” says O’Donnell.

“I’ve heard from artists in Colombia, Brazil and elsewhere.” O’Donnell is one of the exhibitions’s three jurors’ others are award-winning photographer Peter Vanderwarker and Boston abstract artist Thaddeus Beal. The Beacon’s May exhibition is Layers & Light: The Artwork of Aja Johnson and Lori Mehta, spotlighting the paintings of Mehta and Johnson, Boston artists whose works explore layering with color and light. 

“Aja creates more abstract work and Lori’s is more figurative but they complement each other beautifully,” says O’Donnell. 

Lori Mehta’s painting, Shelter from the Sun was also featured in this edition of Art New England (see below).

Art New England March-April 2018 web

Lori Mehta in Art New England March April 2018

List of Artists for Juried Show

Beacon Gallery is delighted to announce that it will be showcasing the work of the following artists in its International Juried Show opening March 16th.

  • Peter Arvidson
  • Zhanna Cantor
  • Brittney Ciccone
  • Madge Evers
  • Nichole Gronvold-Roller
  • Richard Hricko
  • Anya Leveille
  • Michael McLaughlin
  • Milo Milowsky
  • Jean Sbarra Jones
  • Dominic Malizia
  • Jack Rosenberg
  • Ingrid Scheibler
  • Sima Schloss
  • Adrienne Shishko
  • Kate Sullivan

We would like to thank all the artists who submitted for this call – we were amazed by the high quality of the selection that we received, from artists all over the world!

Please join us for the opening on Friday March 16th, from 6 – 8 pm, where the jurors’ prizes will be awarded.

There will also be a wine tasting by Ansonia Wines that evening!




Malcolm Montague Davis & TAC

Beacon Gallery’s current show (through March 11th) is called “Praxis: Malcolm Montague Davis” and features Davis’s extraordinary paintings and models in a one-man show dedicated to selected themes from Davis’s work.

Davis’s colorful paintings and the models on which he based them are rooted in his training as an architect. He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1958 and went to go work at The Architects Collaborative soon after.

The Architects Collaborative is well-known in the world of architecture. It was founded by eight leading architects, including Walter Gropius, one of the founders of Germany’s Bauhaus school, and a pioneer of modernist architecture.

To learn more about the importance of The Architects Collaborative, here is a good article from Architecture Boston.

Davis’s years with the firm were spent working both in the Boston area as well as in Rome and Yangon, Myanmar, where he helped to design such buildings as the University of Beirut and the University of Yangon. Eventually, Davis went on to join another practice in the Boston area where he continued to design both residential homes and commercial buildings.

Davis began painting about eighteen years ago once he retired. He focuses on both man-made and natural forms in his work. This process often begins with a model, which he creates and then photographs from different angles and with different light. Davis then designs his color scheme to reflect his artistic intentions.

As Davis says in his own words, “The paintings are generated from my architectural drawings, which have been surveyed to yield visually stimulating compositions. Colored paper maquettes are made to study the proportions and color relationships. From these paper studies, candidates are culled to be enlarged into paintings. A single building may result in several paintings, which depict its diverse features.

Paintings are also generated from my sculptures. The sides are colored to convey a concept and to represent a particular locale. The sculpture becomes a mandrel, or mannequin, onto which the color system is applied.”



Come check out Davis’s work while it’s up at the gallery, and join us for a talk by Malcolm Montague Davis on his work at 6 pm on Saturday, March 10th as part of a closing reception!




Chasing ghosts…

A woman called the gallery last weekend looking for work by a certain artist named “Rodolfo.” She had bought his artwork at a gallery appropriately called “Art Mystere” in the North End that has since closed.

His artwork is compelling and this collector wanted to buy more, but she, like me had only hit brick walls in her searches… I offered to do some research on her behalf.

The surrealistic nature of the paintings and the signature (“Rodolfo” and works dated ’94 and ’07) are just about all I had to go on.

I searched all my usual haunts online, looking for any trace of “Rodolfo” but all I came up with is other, different Rodolfos (many dead in 2007), and no mention of Gallery Mystere. No mentions of the gallery or Rodolfo in the Boston Globe going back through the 1990s either.

Rodolfo and this mysterious art gallery remain irritatingly out of grasp. There are many “Rodolfos” in the world of art, but none of them the one I’m searching for.

Many artists come and go like unseen tides – I often wonder about the talent that has been hidden, lost, undiscovered… Is Rodolfo destined to remain a mysterious artist? Someone who painted for a few years and then gave it up and moved on with his life? Or will I unmask the man behind Rodolfo the artist and be able to bring him and his admiring collector together?

For now, the identity of Rodolfo remains a mystery, but one that I hope to eventually solve. For any sleuths out there, let me know if you find anything!